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Fashion and Beauty

With the arrival of spring and warmer weather, I can’t help thinking about a new spring outfit.  Many of the fabrics this year are soft, light weight cottons and rayons which makes them a great choice for traveling and outdoor summer activities.  Elaine, from Nadine’s Desert Fashions, has given us a wonderful sampling of some contemporary and unique spring fashions. Modeling these wonderful fashions are three “Jewel Generation” ladies, Sidonia, Joanna, and Stephanie. They prove that we can look fabulous and stylish at any age.

fashion show


Beautifully drifting over Joanna is a  IMG_4961 gorgeous, sleeveless,  tiered   and ruffled dress in the lovely new shade of “Root Beer” by Click. A versatile dress as it can be worn for holidays, parties, weddings, or any special occasion. Not only is the cupro rayon dress made in the U.S.A., but it is washer and dryer friendly, comes in many colors, and is great for traveling.




Featuring the popular “Dream Catcher” fabric in navy blue makes this dress the perfect chic piece for travel. Not only can you dress up or down this versatile piece with accessories, but it is reversible from back to front for a high or low neckline and it never wrinkles.  The flattering half sleeve is perfect for the woman who doesn’t like their arms to show.  Made in the U.S.A. by “Sno-Skins”.





Detailed horizontal paneling, three quarter length sleeves and light IMG_4980weight wrinkle free fabric make Stephanie’s cover-up a must for so many occasions.  The luscious shades of multi-blues and the waterfall effect collar just add to the charm of this “Prairie Cotton” cardigan.  It is shown layered with a “Sno-Skins” white sleeveless tank top with a slightly ruffled edge.  The FDJ capris made of cotton and spandex with pull-on waistband have a decorative side slit and are a perfect complement to this “wear everywhere” outfit.



A flattering and silhouette fit that flows over curves makes this gorgeous ankle length sleeveless IMG_4987V-neck dress in multi shades of blue perfect for an outdoor summer party, cruise, or wedding. The especially soft and feminine dress is uniquely finished with a hand printed and pleating process and embellished with a delicate lacy back inset. 100% polyester and wrinkle free and made in the U.S.A. by “Kisca”.  The “Cutloose” white sheer cardigan with a scalloped neck line casually draped over Sidonia’s arm is perfect for layering later in the evening.



Each of us is unique and should chose clothes to enhance our best qualities.  Remember to embrace your age, celebrate your curves, and be accepting of your body style. You too will look fabulous as you glide through those golden years.

For more information about Nadine’s Desert Fashions go to




What to Wear In Spring?

Here in Arizona where our mornings and evenings can still be chilly, the days are definitely showing some higher temperatures. The question is what to wear when we leave the house in the morning? Layering is a good option and often a vest is the perfect solution.  They keep our core warm but give us freedom to move on walks or while shopping.  Linda, a retired nurse, is once again modeling some great choices.

This versatile quilted vest with the puffy collar nicely frames the pufed eggshell vestface while the side ruching flatters any figure.  It has side pockets and a full front zipper.  The Tribal brand vest comes in egg  shell or turquoise and sells for $88.95.  Beneath the vest, Linda is wearing the essential basic black v-neck tee from Tribal.  It has 3/4 sleeves and stylish ruched cuffs. $19.75

For daytime or evening occasions, this perfectly named “Gold Rush” Gold rush Jacketjacket is a great choice.  The ever popular cropped length style  is sprinkled with gold and silver chips on its black background. The sides are slightly ruched for a flattering fit. This Eric London design also comes in red or blue for $78.00.  Making a perfect pairing is the lovely softly-draping, gold lame’ turtleneck also by Eric London for $48.00.

All fashions are Compliments of Marry Carolyn’s  Catalina Ranch House.






Winter Fashions

I don’t know about you, but I am always eager to be shown what fashions will look good and be appropriate on we Jewel Generation women. There are very few publications that cater to our generation especially in the fashion sector. This spring we are going to bring you fashions that will look great, be comfortable to wear and will be practical for a variety of occasions.
Linda, a retired nurse from New York, won’t reveal her age, but she looks fabulous and did admit she definitely is part of this generation. She also said that, after wearing nurse’s uniforms for years, she loves fashionable clothes. This month she has graciously volunteered to model fashions from Marry Carolin’s Catalina Ranch House.

Chhetah print tunicLinda is modeling a Cheetah Print, wrinkle- free polyester, jeweled tunic in charcoal gray, and white. The asymmetrical line gives a visual slimming effect by hitting lower than the hip. The fabulous tunic is by Jess and Jane and sells for $47. The top pairs nicely with the black tribal pants but could be worn with charcoal or even white. She finished off her outfit with silver swirl earrings.





chiffon coverLightweight and wrinkle free, this chiffon cover is all the brilliant shades of a summer rainbow. It floats softly over Linda’s basic black tank top and slacks. Made in the U.S.A by Fashique Studio $55. Linda chose a basic black tank top by Creation for $27 for a very classic and slimming look, but the versatile sheer cardi would look fabulous with almost any color tee. She finished off her outfit with multi-colored fused glass drop earrings. $29.95

Watch for future posts that will suggest fabulous fashions that will look great on you for all your winter and spring activities.









Hairdo with a hole

How often have you stood behind a “Jewel Generation” lady and seen on the back of her head a “hole”—a place in her hairdo that had not been combed to blend in with the rest of her hairdo. We tend to brush our hair looking straight in at the mirror, with perhaps a  quick glance at a side view.
However, if you pick up that hand mirror and standing in front of another mirror, look at the back of your head,  a simple swish or
two with your hairbrush solves the problem.  You will suddenly look nice from all angles.

Beauty suggestion by Elaine Stamm, (winner of Ms. Oregon, Ms. Senior Arizona, Most elegant, and First runner-up to Ms. Senior America)



The Fall fashions we recently previewed from Marry Carolin’s Catalina Ranch House were vibrant, comfy, and classic outfits that could go anywhere, anytime.  The holiday fashions could best be described as flashy, elegant and just bursting with party flare ready for that  holiday function.  A few of the favorites follow:

fs17 (Small)



Having Thanksgiving dinner with the in- laws?  Sidonia chose this elegant but non-pretentious outfit. The animal print top in gorgeous earth tones and wrinkle free fabric is great for traveling from Valentina ($44).  Her comfy pull-on waist high pants from Tribal($63) allows for comfort during that big Thanksgiving dinner.  A simple gold chain necklace ($24), gold rhinestone bracelet ($18) and rhinestone earring ($37) complete the perfect Thanksgiving day attire.





fs18 (Small)


Joining the neighbors for the unit Christmas party at the club house? This basic black tee with three quarter length sleeves from Eric London ($42)  and black pull on pants from Tribal ($63)  can be dressed up or down .   Elaine choose to dress up her outfit with the gorgeous  silver and black mesh vest that sways with her moves from Magic ($27). Silver necklace ($35) clip earrings ($9.95) and bracelet ($21).  Doesn’t she look elegant and ready to glide around the dance floor at that holiday dinner dance?


fs23 (Small)



Bonnie is set to bring in the New Years with her glistening rhinestone studded  black top and matching pant set ($46).  She looks simply elegant with her fashion ring($30), rhinestone earrings ($24) and silver bracelet ($45).  All she needs is that glass of champagne at mid – night.





fs22 (Small)




What a great chic Holiday look.  Brenda glows in this delicious black lace top from Clara Sun($45) with black pull on pants from Tribal($63). Long crystal hoop earring ($15) and rhinestone bracelet ($19). She will be a hit at the club house Christmas cocktail party.

All outfits were modeled at Marry Carolin’s Catalina Ranch House Fall Fashion Show. Catalina Ranch House









Have you ever considered permanent makeup? Many women, both young and old, benefit from having permanent makeup which can add natural-looking beauty and save on makeup application time. Eyebrow and/or eyelash thinning and lack of tautness in the eyelids make it more difficult to apply makeup yourself and are reasons to consider the procedure. Also accidents, limited mobility and visual impairment make it difficult to apply your own makeup and are more good reasons to consider permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.

Permanent makeup should enhance your face without being too dramatic. Take into consideration what looks best for your facial shape, color tone, and personal preferences. There are many techniques to produce soft, feathery results or, in some cases, hair strokes. These techniques include hand tools and/or mechanical tools and are where experience and talent of the  technician are important.before and after Ask to see ‘before and after’ pictures of previous clients. Permanent Cosmetics are considered “Permanent” as they are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin and are not washed off with
water. However, these cosmetic tattoos fade over time and do require periodic touch up.

Communication with your technician prior to your procedure is crucial. Discuss the planned procedure as well as your medical and surgical history and any medications you are presently taking. Have them answer any questions you may have.

Be sure and check your states regulation since applying permanent makeup is virtually unregulated in many states. Many technicians do not have certified training, experience or artistic ability. Look for an experienced, certified, technician and a facility that adheres to strict
sterile requirements as outlined by the Society of Permanent Professionals.
Article by Pamela Netz

fs3 (Small)








The weather has started to cool down and it is time to start thinking about fall and holiday fashions. Today we  previewed a wonderful collection of outfits at the Catalina Ranch House fall fashion show presented by owner Marry Carolin . One of the best parts of the show besides all the fabulous outfits was the fact that Marry used all “Jewel Generation” models. Ranging in age from their early sixties to the mid-eighties, the models all looked beautiful as they strolled around the dining tables showing off the latest styles and accessories with everything from faux fur vests, colorful southwest tunics, stylish jackets accented with metallic scarves, and flashy rhinestone studded holiday attire. I know you will enjoy seeing some of the audiences’ favorites although it was hard to pick any one outfit that out shown the others.

fs13 (Small)



Love this American made baby soft crew neck tunic from Katina Marie ($52) modeled by Char. The beautiful multi-color design pairs well with everything from the pull on jeans from Ruby Road ($54) to slacks or tights of all colors. She topped off the outfit with a silver necklace  ($35), hammered silver plate bracelet ($24), and silver hoop earrings($16). What a great go- everywhere outfit.





fs11 (Small)



Flattering pewter jacket  from Tribal with zip off sleeves makes into a stylish vest.  It’s washable and also comes in the luscious colors of bronze and cream.  ($139). Black sparkle tank top from Clara Sun ($42) and black pull on black pants from Tribal ($63) .  The silver mesh scarf ($9.25)was all that Brenda needed  to give a total “wow” look.



fs19 (Small)



This amazing print tunic top from Valentina in black, sand and cream ($63) flows softly over the seamless black leggings ($12) for  a great classic fall look and beautifully modeled by Cathy.  Check out that  rhinestone ankle bracelet ($24) and her crystal tear drop earring ($21)








Looking for a Southwest look.  This multi-colored print shawl definitely  keeps you warm on those cooler fall days($37).  Tribal scoop neck tee on sale($19.75) and comfy elastic waist pull on pants from Tribal($63).  Sue finished off her outfit with turquoise earrings and pendant and a unique  sand cast native American bracelet. ($185)



fs21 (Small)




The luscious  print top in brown, orange, and cream ($67) looks amazing on Linda.  She choose the cream jacket/ vest in ultra suede fabric ($139) and the nutmeg pull on pants ($77) all from Tribal to complete her  fall outfit. The finishing touches – Tagua Earring ($9.95) and bracelet ($12.95)


Look for some of the “holiday” fashions coming soon.







Jewelry Essentials

Just as you need some go-to staples in your wardrobe, you need jewelry essentials. They’re versatile and go with the best/rest of your wardrobe. Securing these essentials will save you time and money.  

 Crystal Stud Earrings are your go-to earrings for work, school, shopping or any special occasion–day or night they’re always right. An ideal size is at least .25 carat which adds a little subtle sparkle to your outfit without looking like too much. Quality CZ works when the budget does not permit the real deal. Whether the real deal or beautiful Cubic Zircon, crystal studs are your most important fashion accessory.

A Crystal Pendant fills in a bare neckline and can add adds a touch of glamour to your outfit. Choose a simple and versatile pendant in any shape that you like: solitaire, marquise or emerald cut. A quality diamond or beautiful CZ will be a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe, one you will wear often.

Pearl Earrings:  Pearls are eternal and always a great choice. Pearls are pretty without being flashy. For a special occasion or everyday wear, pearls are always in style.  lady with pearlsA Pearl Necklace complements your pearl earrings and is a fashion must-have. It is great for achieving that classy sophisticated look (remember Jackie Kennedy and Barbara Bush). The ideal length falls at or just below your collar bone. Avoid a tight fitting choker.

Hoop Earrings are some of the most stylish, and versatile jewelry you can own. Whether they are in gold or silver, they add an extra touch of classic style that works with almost any outfit. Choose a size that complements your face and is scaled to your facial features, round, oval or pear. Hoop earrings are a classic look for women of all ages.

Chandelier Earrings add sparkle and class to that little black dress. These are the earrings that are that special occasion must-have. If you generally wear gold, then opt for a gold setting; if you prefer platinum or white gold, your stones will shine brighter because they do not reflect the yellow in the gold setting. Try on several different styles and lengths until you find that perfect pair that complements both the shape of your face and the length of your hair…..these are the earrings that you want to show off and add that special glow and sparkle to your special occasion.

A Statement Necklace is the piece that is a reflection of your taste and style. It will become your go-to piece even when it’s the only jewelry you wear. It’s great for those days when you are in a rush, as it will complement most anything that you wear and add style to any outfit. It should be a reflection of your sense of style, whether bright and bold, dainty and feminine. It says you have arrived.silver bracelet

A Signature Bracelet can be a wide cuff bracelet, or something substantial that makes a statement. If you are uncomfortable with wearing a wide cuff or think it’s just not you, opt for a delicate bangle bracelet in either gold or silver or a combination of both. Either way you will get the same effect of something special on your wrist. Some ladies like to wear a delicate bracelet with a stunning watch; this can be a classic look as well.

Other additions to your jewelry wardrobe can be: a distinctive cocktail ring or beautiful birthstone ring.

Article by: Marry Carolin from the Catalina Ranch House

Cheek Color

chubbystickFollowing are a few of the beauty tips I learned from my experience in selling cosmetics, modeling and beauty pageants. If your face is round and you are trying to achieve that perfect oval look, place your cheek color on the high point of your cheek bone. As we age our skin tends to be more dry so I recommend buying cream not the dry. Chubby Stick by Clinique sold at Dillard’s is one of my favorites and Dillard’s has attendants who are eager to help with color choices. I associate shine with youth. An easy solution to obtain that youthful glow is to very carefully add a little baby oil after full make-up application. It will give your face a youthful, not old and dried up appearance. Don’t use this tip if you are going to give cheek–to-cheek greetings as the oil may transfer onto your friend. One sneaky (but it works) last tip. Sit with your back to the window with the light in your friend’s face. It will help minimize your facial lines and give you a younger appearance. I always try and look my best so I feel like a “Jewel” – perhaps a diamond in memory of my recently deceased husband and the diamond wedding ring he gave me years ago.

Article by Elaine Stamm

Winner of Ms. Oregon, Ms. Senior Arizona, Most Elegant, and First Runner-up to Ms. Senior America


linda2 (Medium)Age-appropriate women’s wear

We have asked Marry Carolin, owner of the Catalina Ranch House in Catalina to help us solve the following clothing dilemma.

Question: The temperature has just reached 102 degrees and we have been invited to a casual neighborhood bar-b-que. I would like to go sleeveless to be as comfortable as possible but the flab on my under arm sags almost as low as my boobs. What can I wear that looks appropriate for my aging body but still keeps me from melting into a puddle on their patio?

Answer: As we grow older we become more conscious of our changing body and concerns regarding appearance and what is age appropriate. That being said, tank tops and sleeveless tees can still be worn with a light shrug or bolero. Lace or mesh make a perfect cover up during any season. They allow you to go sleeveless and feel cool, confident and covered.Linda1 (Medium) We have mesh shrugs and tunics available in many colors (black and white are still the most popular). Stop by and see how we can help solve many fashion dilemmas. We help our customers put together fun fashions for vacations, cruise wear and outfits for special occasions as well as fashions for your active life style.

Marry Carolin,
Owner Catalina Ranch House 15920 N. Oracle rd. # 170





What is an Esthetician?

Facial_maskEstheticians and aestheticians are licensed skin care specialists educated in the care of acne, Rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and anti-aging procedures. They are trained in the cosmetic treatment of the skin and their main objective is to improve the appearance of the clients face through non-surgical means. Estheticians are normally found in spas, salons, and home-based spas, while aestheticians typically work in medical settings. The esthetician performs various cosmetic procedures including facials, body treatments, spray tanning, and waxing. All estheticians must be licensed in the state in which they are working. An esthetician is a good choice for receiving knowledgeable skin care advice and to learn about your skin. Typically one might visit an esthetician once a month. Your personal esthetician can provide continuous advice for a personalized at home daily skin care regime using clinical products that are not available in stores. If a suspicious growth is detected, they might suggest that you see a medical doctor to address that issue. Facial massages are performed for both therapy and relaxation of the facial muscles. The therapeutic massage helps drain lymph nodes (decreases puffiness), promotes collagen production (anti-aging), and relaxes tense muscles. A facial massage can also increase circulation which stimulates a wound –healing response in the skin that provides a healthy glow to any complexionArticle by Marilyn Thoms, an esthetician located in Sun Lakes (Ironwood). Visit her website at or contact her at 480-744-6688

Age and Beauty

Okay Ladies, here’s my brief view on age and beauty. I’m 76 years old and if we’re talking strictly about the skeleton’s wrapper, age and beauty aren’t synonymous anymore. I blame my wrinkles on genes I inherited from my mother. She was a beautiful woman, but as she aged she did not retain smooth, unwrinkled skin, as some women do. She and I were both outdoor women. I did, and still do, spend most of my days gardening or doing sporting things outside. In my younger years I didn’t use much, if any, protection such as hats or sunscreen. I liked the sun. As a result of my neglect of such precautions, as well as my inherited skin genes, my skin suffered and the sun took its toll. Over the years, I tried various lotions and potions and paid varying prices for them. Everything I ever read comparing the expensive brands with the drug store brands claimed that the low cost cosmetics were every bit as good as the higher priced ones. None of them, however, stopped time from showing on my face. I tried to fight the inevitable by having cosmetic surgery. That worked great for a few years but gravity won out again. I’m sure there is some residual benefit from the surgery, but I’m pretty sure I look my age or, at least, close to it. Recently I have decided that whatever sags, wrinkles or creases from now on will just stay that way or, heaven forbid, get worse. One friend of mine will not wear short sleeves or anything that shows her legs. I did that for a few years too, but when I moved to Arizona I said, “Vanity be damned”. I let my saggy upper arms flap free and stopped being prideful about my sun-blotched legs. I convinced myself that comfort should supersede pride and should not be underrated. I still try to keep myself looking nice, of course. I know that at this age, one should use makeup with a very light touch. I think there is nothing worse than seeing an elderly woman pancaked up and looking like a cracked plaster wall. I do have a secret weapon, however. How can anyone not be dazzled by someone who greets them with a big smile, even if that someone isn’t young, pretty, and wrinkle–free. I smile a lot.